· By Casey Rutledge

Keeping Your Feet Warm in the Winter

Keeping Your Feet Warm in the Winter
If you struggle to keep your feet warm in the winter you're not alone. Whether on a walk outside or sitting at your desk at work, lingering cold feet can be a pain. We’re here to help you warm up your feet and overcome the cold. Here’s a guide to keeping your feet warmer this winter.

5 Ways to Keep Your Feet Warm this Winter
Your feet don’t have to suffer through the rough and cold winter months. We’ve collected some of the most helpful tips to change the way you and your feet experience the cold.

1) Add an insole
One of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your feet warm in the winter is to add insoles to your shoes. Insoles are designed to provide extra cushioning and support to your feet and can help in adding another layer between your foot and the cold hard ground. There are many different types of insoles available, including ones made specifically for cold weather. These insoles are typically made from insulating materials like wool. Several brands (we’ve got some listed below) carry shearling topped insoles designed specifically to help you and your shoes battle the cold.

2) Better fit, not more socks
One of the first thoughts that come to mind in the cold is to double up on your socks or find your thickest pair. While thick socks can help keep your feet warm, too tight of a fit can restrict blood flow. If your socks are fitting too tight it can lead to longer-lasting stints with the cold. 

The same is true when adding a layer of socks. Ensure that you can wiggle your toes when your feet are in boots or shoes to maintain quality circulation. Make sure to check out some wool sock options below.

3) Choose wool
Wool is a natural insulator that is renowned for its ability to keep you warm in cold weather. Wool fibers trap heat and create tiny pockets of air that help to insulate your feet and keep them warm. In addition to providing insulation, wool socks also have other benefits. They naturally manage foot moisture, absorbing and repelling water and pulling water vapor away from the skin even before you start to sweat

4) Keep your core warm
Keeping your core warm is essential for maintaining good circulation, which means better blood flow to your extremities. When your body is cold, your blood vessels constrict, which can reduce or slow down blood flow. Proper layering around your core will allow your body to distribute blood faster to your legs, arms, feet, and hands.

5) Exercise and move around 
Poor circulation tends to be one of the leading causes of cold feet. One way this can happen is when you’re sitting for too long. Exercise boosts your heart rate and blood flow to your entire body. If exercising isn’t an option, get up and move around. Physical activity will improve blood flow and warm you up.

Cold Weather Insoles
If you struggle with cold feet, shearling-lined insoles are the way to go. They’re comfortable, breathable, and the best source to keep your feet warm. Shearling is also naturally odor and sweat resistant. Check out these three options.

UGG Premium Insole
UGG has a premium insole option that performs well and is priced as standard within the industry. You can plan on finding the most quality shearling lined insoles to be between $30-$40. UGG’s Premium sits right in the sweet spot.

L.L. Bean Cold Weather Insole
L.L. Bean’s top cold-weather insole has a nice shearling lined top and has been proven to last over time. L.L. Bean’s origin dates back to 1912 as they’ve been an established power in footwear and footbeds. 

Honey Soles Insole
Honey Sole makes two different insoles. One of their insoles is a cork-based insole and the other is a shearling-topped insole. Using natural materials Honey Sole’s insoles provide a range of benefits.

Wool Socks
Some of the best wool sock options to keep your feet warm come from SmartWool. SmartWool started in 1994 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and has a very loyal brand following. Many local running or outdoor stores carry SmartWool, as well as big brand name box stores such as REI.

Another great brand for wool socks is Bombas. Merino wool is most common with each of these brands. It's a thinner and softer cut of wool that keeps your feet cozy, dry, and warm. In addition to making top-notch socks, Bombas has a powerful philanthropic perspective on its brand. 

De(feet) the Cold
Cold weather is tough on its own, but cold feet don't have to stick around. Next time the cold is getting you down try some of the options we talked about. Whether it’s exercising, adding an insole, or choosing a different sock, you can find a way to warmer and happier feet.