· By Casey Rutledge

Homewear: And How We Got Here

Homewear: How We Got Here
Understanding the evolution of homewear requires us to take a step back before moving forward. Even before the unexpected pandemic hit, brands had already started innovating to prioritize comfort and functionality. The rise of athleisure was a testament to this trend, as it blurred the boundaries between casual clothing and activewear, making casual clothing more functional, and athletic wear, more versatile and presentable. Brands like LuluLemon and Vuori proved that athletic wear could be seamlessly integrated into everyday life, bridging the gap of comfort and style and laying the foundation for the growing prominence of homewear.

At the onset of the pandemic a clear lifestyle pivot was introduced, especially in fashion. Our most comfortable and convenient clothing became popular everyday, all day. With most of our daily lives turning indoors (or at a minimum, closer to home), homewear and loungewear were the new way of life and its use case skyrocketed. Our homes doubled as offices and restaurants, places to host, and also places to try to get away. All the while the inherent nature of “home” couldn’t be ignored and the call to be cozy and uninterrupted, yet put together, was in front of us.

The comfort offered by current homewear and the silhouette of athleisure helped in shaping the immediate future of homewear, even on the other side of the pandemic. With an upgrade at the forefront, homewear has continued to ascend as people want to feel like they’re ready for the day, even if it is in the confines of their house. This spans from fashion, into interior design and beyond. This versatility is the crossroads where homewear has found its sweet spot. 

In an interview with Vocast, Aiayu CEO and Partner Maria Glaesel highlighted the growing consumer demand for investing in and enhancing their homes and everyday lives. Glaesel remarked, “People are wanting to invest in and elevate their homes and everyday lives, which matches our product universe well. [They] want versatile everyday items they can wear to a virtual meeting and look professional and pulled together, but also feel entirely comfortable and effortless. The same applies to home items, people are choosing to invest in products which make another night-in feel a bit more special and elegant.”

Aiayu, as well as many of the most prominent brands in homewear, believe that within the boundaries of the category, premium products and undeniable quality are at the forefront. The consumer base has supported the belief as homewear has become one of the fashion industry’s fastest growing segments. Premium products are helping homewear become more than just a particular look, but a distinct feeling as well- the feeling of being at home, wherever life takes you.